29 Sexy iPhone App Designs

Inspiration March 10, 2010

The iPhone is the most popular product of the past two years. By now everyone knows what the iPhone is, and most of you have one or have come in close contact with one. The iPhone has changed the mobile industry and slated itself as a trend setter. The phone itself isn’t the biggest selling feature – it’s the apps. Allowing consumers to purchase apps really sets apart the iPhone from anything else. The App store has exploded with amazing clever little tools. Developers are pushing the boundaries with creative ideas and beautiful looking interfaces. A beautiful app isn’t just fun to use based on it’s functionality but also because it looks sexy. With a 320×480 sized screen, every detail counts from little status alerts to important UI elements. I have found 29 examples of sexy iPhone apps. These apps were only chosen based on their graphic appeal, not popularity, functionality or purpose.


By: Chad Mueller

Chad lives in Canada eh!, when he’s not shooting donut shaped rubber pucks, he’s running Inspiredology and designing anything to get his creative juices flowing.

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Chad lives in Canada eh!, when he's not shooting donut shape rubber pucks, he's running Inspiredology and designing anything to get his creative juices flowing

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  • http://flitterfeed.com Mark

    I love these, its great to see some iphone apps that look this top quality!
    Looks like I need to step it up now when I build mine :) lol

  • http://www.reviewclinic.co.uk Shane

    Great list of apps! I definitely need to buy some of these, the guitar toolkit looks awesome.

  • http://www.webdesign-gm.co.uk Oliver Cardiff

    Lots of nice looking and very useful iphone apps. All iphone apps should look as good as these and these make me want to go and build my own. Thanks for finding the time to share these.

  • http://www.audioconnell.com Peter O’Connell

    Great looks but, unless I missed it, I didn’t see the names of the apps you featured. That would have been cool.

    Best always,
    - Peter

  • http://daveghent.com Dave Ghent

    Awesome collection. I want to check all these out.. any easy way of finding all names of the apps? (the less obvious ones)

  • http://tundeadeyemi.blogspot.com Babatunde Adeyemi

    Very beautiful designs. Nice list

  • http://www.vpscage.com great

    great design, i love it.

  • Spike

    Check out Momento

  • http://inspirationfeed.com inspirationfeed

    These are stunning!