30 Bizarre and Creative Packaging Design Examples

Inspiration November 1, 2010

One of the things that identifies the image of a product is its packaging. Few elements like striking graphics, attractive colors, and unusual shapes are carefully thought of to come up with packaging design that catches the attention of the consumers.

A packaging design is a critical component in marketing because it is the packaging that makes it stand from the rest when consumers choose a product from the shelf. We usually see the packaging first instead of an innovative product.

This post presents the clever and innovative ideas of some of the company manufacturers around the world. Here are the 30 Examples of Bizarre and Creative Packaging Design Examples for your inspiration.

Evian 2005 Limited Edition Bottle

Creative Packaging Design - Evian 2005
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Experimental Milk Carton

Creative Packaging Design - Experimental Milk Carton
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Tequila Gun Packaging

Creative Packaging Design - Tequila Gun Packaging
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Salt & Pepper Cell

Creative Packaging Design - Salt and Pepper Cell
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Lightbulb Box

Creative Packaging Design - Lightbulb Box
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Kleenex Packaging

Creative Packaging Design - Kleenex Packaging
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360 Paper Bottle

Creative Packaging Design - 360 Paper Bottle
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Wine in a Can

Creative Packaging Design - Wine in a Can
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Doritos Packaging Concept

Creative Packaging Design - Doritos
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Hanger Tea

Creative Packaging Design - Hanger Tea
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El Mil del Poaig Packaging

Creative Packaging Design - El Mil del Poaig
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Wine Packaging

Creative Packaging Design - Wine Packaging
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Egg Packaging Corrugated Card

Creative Packaging Design - Egg Packaging Corrugated Card
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Prism Eyewear

Creative Packaging Design - Prism Eyewear
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Pop-up Popcorn

Creative Packaging Design - Pop-up Popcorn
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Soy Mamelle

Creative Packaging Design - Soy Mamelle
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Creative Packaging Design - Cravendale
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Dino Gum

Creative Packaging Design - Dino Gum
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Egg Package

Creative Packaging Design - Egg Packaging
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Boxless Pizza Package Design

Creative Packaging Design - Boxless Pizza
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Instant Karma

Creative Packaging Design - Instant Karma
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Paul Smith x Evian

Creative Packaging Design - Paul Smith x Evian
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El Negrito Packaging Design

Creative Packaging Design - El Negrito
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Creative Packaging Design - Jásztej
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Coca-Cola 2009 Holiday Ornament Bottles

Creative Packaging Design - Coca-Cola 2009
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Creative Packaging Design - Beautyin
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Sexy Gourmet Food

Creative Packaging Design - Sexy Gourmet Food
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Quick Fruit Packaging Concept

Creative Packaging Design - Quick Fruit Packaging Concept
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Re:Charge Beverage packaging

Creative Packaging Design - Re Charge Beverage
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EarBudeez Headphones

Creative Packaging Design - EarBudeez Headphones
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  • http://www.tristarwebdesign.co.uk/ Amelia Johnson

    I love the Coca Cola holiday bottles and the Paul Smith Evian Design. The Cravendale milk bottle is a lovely design too. A little unsure on the Corrugated Card Egg Packaging though. Thanks for the interesting post.

  • Carolina Búzio

    Great images! I would add

    to this list!
    It’s a portuguese product, each little bottle corresponds to one “drinkable” piece of fruit.

  • http://timmadden.com.au Tim

    Great list, don’t know how well the milk would flow out of the carton.

    I would also add:

    Its a real beach shell that gets wired up with a clip and its used as packaging for lip balm.

  • http://The19thLetter.com Sam

    These are awesome. Very cool.

  • http://www.kerningandcoffee.com Brittany

    LOVE these packages! Some of them are so unique.

  • http://www.cyberdesignz.com/ Web Design Company


    Well nice piece of creativity they all are cool but ” Milk Cartoon” and “360 Paper bottle” are awesome.

  • http://www.thebrisbaneline.com Evan Skuthorpe

    these look great. i love good packaging design.

  • http://www.ingbase.com Mayur

    This is amazing, so attractive. Why don’t every product in the market create such packages? I would buy those products just because the package was attractive..lol

  • http://www.gopoochyourself.com Christie

    Very cool. I really love the earbuds. The salt and pepper shakers are cool too.

  • http://www.freelancealot.co.uk/ Tracy Shorrock

    I hope Coke release some of those ornaments this year :)

    My partner released a CD back in 1996 and designed a black cardboard pyramid to distribute the CD in. There’s an old pic at http://www.freelancealot.co.uk/old_site/influence_ep.htm (NB: this is a page from an old version of our site, so apologies for that!).



  • http://upstack.com Wes Wilson | Upstack

    Very creative packaging designs, but I’d say some of them might be more expensive than the product they are marketing. The ear buds are my favorite, simple, fun & easily produced.

  • http://www.facebook.com/promosyon.tisort Promosyon Ti?ört


  • http://www.facebook.com/CoolAnnieScott Annie Scott

    Those all embossed stickers stuff and all the stuff which is mentioned right above there is pretty awesome and the thing which i liked the most is uniqueness about the products and the ration of quality could also be high!

  • Jitendra

    The Milk packaging is pretty amazing idea! I have myself compiled a list of packaging designs on my blog. Hope you might like them too

  • Alexandra ^.^

    the tea hangers are cute and funny xD

  • dmacb

    the milk thing would work better if the letters were more of a structure than the actual container. That would take a lot of work to make, too much effort to get the milk out, and it wouldn’t even hold the 2 litres it looks like it should.

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  • her
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  • dimasanggoro

    all these stuffs in this page are just fuckin awesome

  • http://twitter.com/coolcasing Coolcasing.com

    Some of them are really creative!

  • http://www.facebook.com/robyn.vance.395 Robyn Vance

    I like the milk! Birties bow ties also has some clever packaging!

  • AbbyPhillips89

    I love the Evian special edition bottle and the MILK carton is awesome. Marketing is so incredibly interesting, I love the concept of ‘making people tick’

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lisa-Dinh/100000120739993 Lisa Dinh

    Tequila Gun design looks very creative!

  • Mika

    Wish there were more creative ideas like these in are todays supermarkets. We are progressing so slowly and we are in 2013 already -Concerned Millennial

  • S. Hauzel Sailo

    I love the wine packaging and also many of them.
    They should be spread well.

  • alvaro


  • lap

    Tequila Gun is cool,now i have idea where to put alch….

  • http://www.designcolossal.com Deepak Rajput

    Very Nice Collection for Every designer.

  • http://www.letsnurture.co.uk/ ilesh Raval

    They are all awesome design really impressive design from designer.