30 Clever Coaster Designs

Inspiration November 5, 2009

Ever come across a really cool coaster and wonder, “Am I drunk or is this coaster really cool?” Well here is your sober chance to take a look at some clever and creative coaster inspiration. We’ve rounded up 30 coasters that would definitely liven up any bar top or table.

Bottoms Up! Let’s See Those Coaster Designs.

Mehmet Gozetlik

Kent and Jim

Dave Hall

Kaleb Coleman


Niyati Mehta

Tiina Ilmavirta

Yvonne Schüttler

Kamal Patel

Jennifer Stetson

Kelsy VonderHaar

Thapanon Khongraksa

Joshua M. Smith

Devika Khowala

Elizabeth Crowther

David Garcia


Chris Trivizas

Emily Cowdrey

Renee Richards

Jeff Burger

Hrishikesh Shinde

Carolyn Paluch

Simon Bent


Ink Design

Vrinda Kataruka

Margaret Hanson

Matt Heindl


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  • http://www.itolmach.com Ivan Tolmachev

    That was extremely cool and inspirational! I can’t thank you enough! :)

  • http://www.designfollow.com designfollow

    great work


  • http://www.redbilby.com.au Michael Chanter

    Inspirational collection – thanks – does anyone know who does a really good job of printing coasters.

  • http://circleboxblog.com/ Callum Chapman

    Very nice! Love the iPhone icon coasters ;D

  • http://www.design-drift.com Deja

    I’ve been thinking about making a set of coasters lately myself. This was useful to see a compilation of examples. I especially like the first set by Antrepo.

  • http://www.webme1.com Webme1

    This is a nice collection of coasters. It is nice to see every day objects that step outside the norm once in a while.

    I rather like the perky chipmunk, the iPhone apps and the cut up newspaper.

  • http://www.olybop.info olybop

    Amazing Works ! Thx for this selection :)

  • http://stuffcouldalwaysbeworse.blogspot.com/ kim

    This looks so interesting, I do want to learn how to design!!!!

  • sophie

    love the thick wooden ones. It would of been helpful if there was a mention of the printing companies for each set.

  • http://www.carolynpaluch.com Carolyn Paluch

    the link to the actual work can be found here:

    I appreciate the people taking inspiration from my work, but I feel that all designers should be given proper recognition for their work. Could you please include the names of all the designers whose work you are mentioning.

  • seborgarsen

    Excellent post and what a great looking comments section you have. Smoooooooth! :)

  • http://www.aldis.site40.net Aldis

    Some very good designs are here, inspired me little bit :)

  • http://www.triin.info Triin

    I’m thinking about creating one now! The i-phone ones are the best!

  • http://www.logobang.com elisa

    Wow, great inspiration! Great post.

  • http://www.carolynpaluch.com Carolyn Paluch

    thank you for the mention.

  • may

    iphone coasters win!

  • http://www.studiolounge.net Adam Patterson

    Some nice original designs. Don’t see many like that in pubs/restaurants.

  • http://dmediacollective.com rory

    this may have been mentioned, but is there a list of places that print coasters anywhere? i’m really interested in doing a holiday set.

  • http://blog.joshuachoo.com Joshua Choo

    Interesting… always been trying to source for this but end up nothing..
    And here i found everything in one place.

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Anna Green, Web Design

    I like the Mehmet Gozetlik coasters the best, there a obvious design but very well done i love the typography. Any idea where i can buy them from?

  • http://www.brittanylkent.com brittany

    I love these.
    They will be great inspiration : )


  • http://www.consueloore.com Consuelo Ore


    Are the iPhone coasters for sale? I think they could be a great Christmas gift.

  • http://autonomywebdesign.com/ Autonomy

    This was really fun. There are some fantastic designs here. Coasters is such a great topic, thanks!

  • http://www.myminisitegraphic.com semmy @ minisite design

    Hello this is very inspirational! thank you very much for your post!

  • http://www.reneecreative.com Renee Richards

    I was scrolling down the list to get some inspiration and actually came across my own design! Thanks YTD! These were all extremely cool and inspirational!

  • http://www.freelancewise.com Juliet | Freelancewise


    How wonderful!

    I saw some coasters the other day that were decorated using decoupage with beautiful calligraphy displaying quotes and sayings. Each set had a certain theme such as happiness or golf or mothers etc.


  • http://www.imageconcepts.co.uk Image Concepts

    Some very cool designs here, I do like the iphone ones.

  • Prophet

    Are you making the coasters by hand? Or are you just taking the designs to a place that prints them?

  • http://www.myohanhtun.com Myo Han Htun

    Nice designs. :) I like the one with a coffee cup. :)

  • http://www.eauparfum.net Peter

    I have picked up the designs by Mehmet Gozetlik. The essential reason for my doing so is that my son is growing up and we want him to pick up the Alphabets and Numbers quick and fast. We had a tough time teaching him eating at the table but now have realised that this idea of having deisgns that can be used to train will help.
    Thanks again for the idea Mehmet Gozetlik.

  • http://www.sherbertlemonuk.com Gareth Martindale

    Some great coaster designs on here. I’ve designed this set myself. Please check it out: