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Ronald is the founder of He’s a graphic designer and loves everything related to design. His site started as a portfolio, and has turned into an amazing design blog to share his experiences with and help provide useful resources.

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  • mac

    nice collection!

  • Concurs cosmetice

    Very inspiring. I especially liked the Luvision one. Lovely :)

  • Tim Freeman

    These are great! Very sophisticated and vibrant. Using a Bright colour in a logo seems to attract to the audience far more then just using subtle colours.

  • dubai web design

    very useful website!


    Amazing, love them all!

  • Logo Romania

    Wow! i just added your website in my Stumble collection ;)


  • barog

    good..good.. great collection..

  • Johan

    Great post! Like the car wash :)

  • Lynn Hopffgarten

    exceptional work. “haiku” is brilliant and “professor samuel benchimol,” somehow, quite moving. beyond the graphic conceit of “dots,” so many of these logos work at several levels, connect the imagination immediately to their subject matter, use the “space of the page” very professionally, and are unafraid of color. In short, lurking “behind the dots” are gifted designers. tres bien!

  • herb robb

    I don’t do many logos these days, but I really appreciate those that are well conceived and executed. Glad I checked these out, very nice!

  • Bobaloo

    Very nice… but… the tree is unquestionably the most overused image of all time for a logo.

  • sidharthan

    I like the teknex logo much

  • monsoon

    wow! amazing work..i actually checked out all of them…so creative..inspires me!

  • Bhaka thapa

    i like very much

    first one is very good