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Gian is a multimedia designer from Manila, Philippines. He specializes in graphic design, illustration, and photography. Follow his works on Facebook, Twitter, Behance and Tumblr.

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  • Wechr

    Awesome list! Loving the ‘Nipon War’ and ‘how-r-u’? ones.

  • anna green

    This is a useful list, its very hard to find good inspiration for things like log in areas or contact forms.. Im going to be book marking this post. Also i would like to say i love the new features on the website for sharing, there great!

  • James Gill

    Wow, some really beautiful work here. I’ve always loved the Vimeo login screen, some other great ones I hadn’t seen before too.

    If you’re feeling generous, might you consider adding our login page to the list too? We put a lot of work in and recently updated it:

  • Victoria Blount

    This is a useful page full of login forms ranging from fun and quirky to sensible and informative. Also some of these designs have integrated the form into the corner of the website design and others have dedicated an entire page to it.

  • funcdesigns

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Rory

    Am I wrong to really enjoy this blog? well if I am, I don’t want to be right!

    Great collection of forms, nice to see designers pushing the boundaries on coding and design. Goes to show you don’t have to do the same old form time and time again. Cheers

  • Sean Nieuwoudt

    Another really sleek one is the login form on :

  • Jennifer R

    Maple Story has an aewsome form design.

  • Magento

    These are truly all great examples. I can recall seeing the Maple Story login when my niece would play the game. It is always good to see change in how innovative a login page can become. Thank you for this article. I will definitely share this!

  • José Marques Ribeiro

    My name is José Ribeiro, i’m a Designer Student.

    It woul be be very nice to get more new info about the!!

    Nice regards,


  • OneManArmy

    You can’t even access the last site unless you’re running Windows. Lame.

  • a1

    Thanks for sharing
    wow wow ilove it wow

  • Thelma Johnson

    Hi, I like the fact that you show several good examples of how to create a log in page for a website. I am a Graphic Design student will be taking a web design class later on, and I felt this blog help me get ideas on how to create a log in page for a web page.

  • Suresh Pattu

    Superb collection

  • mathew

    exellent loging forms……. (y)

  • Chawki Trabelsi

    Nice login forms thank you

  • Martin Orton

    Some really fabulous designs here! Love it!