30 Great Examples of Graffiti Writing and Graffiti Street Art

Inspiration May 21, 2008

Graffiti writing dates back many centuries, even back to Roman times when art work was scratched in and painted on to walls. In modern time graffiti writing and graffiti street art became much more than just decoration. Graffiti writing became an outlet for political activists to express themselves and also as a way for every day people and artists to express themselves.

It turned decrepit walls into beautiful pieces of artwork and quickly ingrained itself in many subcultures, eventually becoming a world wide art form. Many modern artists have roots in graffiti and the art form has worked its way into many other areas such as graphic design and digital photography.

Graffiti writing and graffiti street art have become one of the most popular subjects for photographers to shoot, as seen below in these 30 great examples.

30 Great Examples of Graffiti Writing and Graffiti Street Art

graffiti-writing3.jpg graffiti-writing2.jpg

graffiti-writing1.jpg graffiti-writing4.jpg

graffiti-writing5.jpg graffiti-writing6.jpg

graffiti-writing7.jpg graffiti-writing8.jpg

graffiti-writing9.jpg graffiti-writing10.jpg

graffiti-writing11.jpg graffiti-writing12.jpg

graffiti-writing13.jpg graffiti-writing14.jpg

graffiti-writing15.jpg graffiti-writing16.jpg

graffiti-writing17.jpg graffiti-writing18.jpg

graffiti-writing19.jpg graffiti-writing20.jpg

graffiti-writing21.jpg graffiti-writing22.jpg

graffiti-writing23.jpg graffiti-writing24.jpg

graffiti-writing25.jpg graffiti-writing26.jpg

graffiti-writing27.jpg graffiti-writing28.jpg

graffiti-writing29.jpg graffiti-writing30.jpg

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  • http://www.tcdesign.org/ Toby

    Just plain awesomeness…

  • http://www.osxtutor.tumblr.com Pixel Kid

    Agreed! Love this kind of stuff!

  • http://www.pinkpetrol.com PinkPetrol

    No Banksy?!

  • http://www.dzobel.com David Zobel

    I love it!

  • http://www.anivox.com/ Anivox

    Wow i like graffiti writing number#8.

  • http://www.dkcell.com.br/design Kaiserlino

    Hey buddy.
    Would love to know the authors, if you know them.
    If not, as street art is commom. Too bad.

    Btw, awesome pics

  • http://www.3dognorth.com 3dogmama

    Forgot how fun and powerful graffiti was until I read and viewed your post.

  • http://examplify.blogspot.com Phil

    Sweet stuff. When all the bad kids were honing their tagging skills and breakin the law, what was I doing? Studying? Damnit! : )

  • http://www.designer-daily.com Mirko

    Wow I usually don’t like graffiti, but this is pretty good. Same comment as PinkPetrol: no Banksy?

  • Gino

    Hey I’m glad you all liked this inspiration post!

    Kaiserlino – Yeah its hard to pinpoint a lot of the authors

    Mirko and PinkPetrol – Yeah Banksy is amazing, but I wasn’t really looking for famous people per say, I was just randomly browsing around for stuff that really caught my eye. I just didn’t happen to stumble across any of his work. Maybe in the next post I will include some, because it is great!

  • mike

    that looks amazing

  • http://myspace.com ~tigger~:)

    I love ur pic. i been doing graffiti all my life and with out graffiti I have no life!!!!!!!!!:)

  • http://www.bluebuffalomedia.com Blue Buffalo

    Very nice collection! Thanks for posting. Amazing stuff.

  • http://www.designbump.com John Campbell

    Great street art, I submitted your link to designbump.com so others could see/share it.

  • laura

    great stuff luvin the art work

  • http://www.youarekool!!martn.com pickle lover


  • Hannah Zimmerman

    These are such cool photos. If you are into Urban art and Graffiti you should check out Alexander Austin. He is slowly making a name for himself in KC doing huge wall murals on the side of buildings. The Pitch actually just did a cool article about him, kind of a rags to riches story. Check it out at http://www.pitch.com.

  • http://youthdesigner.com enrique

    really good art nice colors!!!

  • http://www.abombco.com Atombomb

    love it… support artwork of all mediums

  • TIGZ


  • http://www.streetfiles.org movel

    thirty very nice examples.. good work, i really enjoyed your selection..

  • bren

    thats so tight man…

  • lol


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    WOW just brilliant

  • http://capofc JoSe

    nice this is badazz

  • http://bestdaypacks.blogspot.com/ Daypacks

    Simply awesome stuff. My personal favorite is the first one.



  • http://nothing bibo

    wow so cool!! i love it ^-^

  • http://ddd girl

    that looks real trashy on the community walls and store walls

  • the~wannbe~graffiti~artist

    i thought that these were really good examples of abstract graffiti

  • DGH UniT

    I love it !! wohoow :)

  • http://hubpages.com/hub/Camping-tables-and-chairs Campingchair

    A lot of nice graffiti here. I just love the one with the two faces.

  • xoxoGRAPHITIxoxo

    I love all of the graphiti pictures they are so cool whoever did them they are very artistic!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow thats soo coll grafffiti …………

  • tipzy

    graffiti is gorgeous, but this is simply amazingg (L)


    Woaah some of this stuff is amazing. They’re pretty awesome picks! :)
    Good job to the artists!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/fr8artRuleZ Jon

    Nice work, the pics are awsome.. Graffiti makes the streets look more alive and less boring..

  • mee


    Diss is great…wish a could do vizz…! hmm but a cnt
    onestliii dis amaziinn!!

  • mee

    a luv graffiti onest its well gud n propa nyc to luk at…
    :D :)

  • mee


  • Destiny’s wing’s

    I dont care what people say graffiti is art in it’s owne way. I love it ;)

  • 801 KAN

    danm i thought me and my friends where good but when i look at this i fell like a toy. slc

  • scenequeen_

    wow! if people are this amazing then they should be aloud instead of frowned upon by society i love it !!!

  • yuper


  • http://garffiti anda

    I like this photos

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    verry nice