28 New Slick Business Cards

Inspiration January 23, 2009

Corporate workers, skilled professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and the list goes on. More and more people are getting their Own Set of Business Cards, and interestingly enough, this growing range of business card holders has led to a broader selection of business card designs — from conventional to totally new concepts.

Among these samples below, chic design themes are a common favorite. The elements in these business cards that contribute to the style usually include a stunning logo, sans serif typeface, solid colors, and a touch of minimalism. Here’s a collection of slick business card samples for your viewing pleasure.

Slick Business Cards

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  • http://www.twitter.com/brandonacox Brandon Cox

    You’d think all the business card design inspiration out there would make designing my new cards easier, but the contrary is true – I can’t decide what to do. There are too many great examples, just in this post alone!

  • http://www.acairns.co.uk Dundee Web Design

    Very nice collection. Thx for sharing!

  • RYAN

    I like Darien Library’s, Nakai’s and Lisa Ano’s the best.

    I think the “Google: Boston Web Studio” card is incredibly presumptive and dismissive. it negates the purpose of a business card (which i assume is the point). silly.

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Victoria Blount

    I really like the examples of business cards above, whenever i design one i have the urge to adapt the shape of the card, in order to make an impact, but the examples above have demonstrated that with just typography and a unique idea, you can produce an impacting design.

  • http://www.sjlwebdesign.co.uk SJL Web Design

    Some of these designs are incredible, I really like the darker cards like the Nakai Photography one. The Google orinatated one is a bit crazy too.

  • http://happy2saveonline.com Pauline Canas

    love these business cards —- really slick…

  • http://metalique.com Eddie Gear

    Good collection of card designs. Thanks for sharing.

    Eddie Gear

  • http://www.purejewels.com Jake Wedding

    I love the clayton borah design.. thank for the inspiration :)

  • http://www.peacockinsurance.co.uk Joe Landlord

    Thanks fir the great inspiration!

  • http://www.neotericuk.co.uk Neoteric Web Design

    Superb collection but i liked most the Orange one its giving a professional look very nice even the color is looking rocking.. Would like to go with same look for my business card

  • Jack Davis

    Very inspiring.


  • http://www.fuse8.com Cara Dixon

    Some really quirky ideas here! i really like the Google design – simple yet really effective! Great design inspiration.

  • http://www.businesscards.com Bobby

    The Sonin card is fantastic from a conceptual and design standpoint. Love the words.

  • http://myprintingbook.com/blog/ myprintingbook

    the Google business card is of the hook. love it :). love the way you took business card designs to another level.

  • http://www.owendevelopment.co.uk Web Design Manchester

    Very Slick indeed. Bet they cost a lot though to produce a good amount…

  • http://www.businesscardcritic.com Jamie Northrup

    I’ve started a new website to go with my hobby of collecting business cards, and honestly I change business cards way to often, I’m working with someone now to set down something simple as I find I won’t get over it as quickly.

    I think it’s important to have a simple card that represents your company, and then have novelty ones as promotional products. This may be more efficient and save some money.

  • http://businesscarddesignideas.com/ Maureen

    I agree, sleek and chic cards do seem to be the business card design choice for corporate people and it’s a nice selection of them you have here.

    I especially like the Lisa Ono business card and Thom Stoodley’s.

    I have my own collection of simple but beautiful cards in my website which might interest you. Please visit and check them out :)

  • http://izdelava-spletnih-strani-1a.blogspot.com/ Spletne Strani

    Cool stuff here. I’ve got some ideas for our new business cards

  • http://www.PromoBills.com Leif David

    I love them all! I came up with my own unique business card idea at http://www.PromoBills.com. Instead of handing out a regular business card, I can hand out “Million Dollar Bills” with all my contact info. The best thing is people keep them because I can put whatever info on the back in the huge space that I want. People get a kick out of em

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