35 Promotional Flyer Design Ideas Worth Checking Out

Inspiration December 1, 2010

A flyer is often described as an advertising tool (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution. We often see this form of advertisement when we are out on the street passing through strangers carrying piles of printed papers with ads on them. For companies, this is one way of letting people or consumers know about the services, features, and products that are made available to them.

Our next post illustrates wonderful flyer printing ideas. We hope that this compilation inspire you to come up with eye-catching flyers for a successful marketing campaign or event promotion. Feel free to check out these 35 Promotional Flyer Design Ideas and be inspired with cool new ways in executing your next print design.

Champion Sound

Flyer Design Ideas - Champion Sound
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Chameleon Octopus Flyer

Flyer Design Ideas - Chameleon Octopus
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The Black Panther Party

Flyer Design Ideas - The Black Panther Party
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Cute Flyer

Flyer Design Ideas - Cute Flyer
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So Fresh

Flyer Design Ideas - So Fresh
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Flyer Design Ideas - Makarizma
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Sound Sick Club Flyers

Flyer Design Ideas - Sound Sick Club Flyers
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Marcus Strickland

Flyer Design Ideas - Marcus Strickland
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D Jango Rates

Flyer Design Ideas - D Jango Rates
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The Cookers

Flyer Design Ideas - The Cookers
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Dispatch Edition

Flyer Design Ideas - Dispatch Edition
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The Tummie Friends

Flyer Design Ideas - The Tummie Friends
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Flying Projects

Flyer Design Ideas - Flying Projects
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Flying Projects 1

Flyer Design Ideas - Flying Projects 1
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Flying Projects 2

Flyer Design Ideas - Flying Projects 2
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Flying Projects 3

Flyer Design Ideas - Flying Projects 3
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Flying Projects 4

Flyer Design Ideas - Flying Projects 4
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Flying Projects 5

Flyer Design Ideas - Flying Projects 5
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Poster Flyer

Flyer Design Ideas - Poster Flyer
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Flyer Design Ideas - Cotton
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Flyer Design Ideas - Discoteca
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Unifestival ULg

Flyer Design Ideas - Unifestival
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Vibetown Flyer 2

Flyer Design Ideas - Vibetown Flyer 2
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Aquarius Hip Hop and RnB Flyer

Flyer Design Ideas - Aquarius Hip Hop and RnB Flyer
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Flyer Barzilay Club

Flyer Design Ideas - Flyer Barzilay Club
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Flyer Design Ideas - Flyer
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Silk Sessions

Flyer Design Ideas - Silk Sessions
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KV Carnival

Flyer Design Ideas - KV Carnival
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Flyer Fiesta Espacial

Flyer Design Ideas - Flyer Fiesta Espacial
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BBQ Party Flyer

Flyer Design Ideas - BBQ Party Flyer
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What Up Gangstars Party People

Flyer Design Ideas - What Up Gangstars Party People
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Flyer Affiche Vintage

Flyer Design Ideas - Flyer Affiche Vintage
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The Movement CH Flyer

Flyer Design Ideas - The Movement CH Flyer
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RVCA Flyer

Flyer Design Ideas - RVCA Flyer
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Random Selections

Flyer Design Ideas - Random Selections
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  • http://twitter.com/seetakaur Seeta kaur

    you right these are really worth to check out,thx for share

  • http://www.ace-media.in/ Ace Media

    Love this collection, great set of design

  • http://manal-ahmed.blogspot.com/ Manal Ahmed

    Very effective flyers. Good use of graphic design tools which makes them outstanding. I like the use of tropical colours and shapes in the splash summer party flyer. Another interesting one to me is the electronic dreams one. The use of shapes such as prisms and balloons is to present dreams is creative. The silk sessions flyer is also amazing. The image is strong and its purity and simplicity strongly represents silk. Interesting alignment of type and I like the use of different sizes for each type.