35 Unique and Inspiring Caricature Artworks

Inspiration August 16, 2010

Caricaturing is the art of illustrating the human face and figure in a way that exaggerates their prominent features. Most caricatures are satirical in nature, making fun of the people being characterized. They are often used in newspaper editorial cartoons and other similar media, although they are made just as often simply for their entertainment value.

The following caricature design examples characterize a variety of personalities, from past icons to present superstars, from famous fictional characters to everyday real ones. If you’ve been looking for caricature inspiration for a while, we hope this post gives you that spark – and maybe even a smirk or two to boot!

House M. D.

new caricature artwork
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self caricature artwork
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Dr. House

dr  house caricature
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More Dr. House

new dr house caricature
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Bangalore Monkey

cool self caricature
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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn monroe caricature
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Snoop Dogg

face caricature artwork
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Dwight Schrute from “The Office”

Dwight Schrute caricature
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Bruce Willis

awesome bruce willis caricature
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Alfred Hitchcock

alfred hitchcock caricature
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Cristiano Ronaldo, former Manchester United footballer

ronaldo manchester caricature
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Halle Berry

halle caricature
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Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire

dev patel caricature
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Even More House

house caricature artwork
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Leslie Nielsen

leslie nielson caricature
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Snoop Dogg Again

snoop dogg caricature
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Sarah Palin

palin caricature artwork
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Poojipoo’s Coworker

madness caricature artwork
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marzuki caricature artwork
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Alfred Hitchcock Once More

cool hitchcock caricature
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Keira Knightley

keira caricature artwork
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Amit Boniel

amit caricature artwork
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revamp caricature artwork
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Kristen Stewart

stewart caricature artwork
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gary caricature artwork
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David Cross

david cross caricature
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Bruce Lee

bruce lee caricature
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Barack Obama

amazing caricature artwork
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Forest Whitaker

forest whitaker caricature
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Arman Minasian

arman minasian caricature
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sylar caricature artwork
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Pete Emslie

pete emslie caricature
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Anon II

new cool caricature artwork
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Matt Bellamy

matt bellamy caricature
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Christopher Walken

walken caricature artwork
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  • http://www.photosbyrikki.com Rikki D. Dy-Liacco

    These are absolutely fantastic!

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Amelia Johnson

    These are fascinating. The caricatures are all so different, I haven’t really ever come across many, so its great to see a different type of artwork being displayed.

  • http://www.gowebbaby.com wordpress designer

    HAHA enjoyed, where you find this type of images.

  • http://www.seegullmedia.com Adam Sturm

    This is both creepy AND cool. Great collection. Too much HOUSE, though.

  • http://www.antonlekarew.com Anthonie Lekarew

    Very scary artworks, i just think so

  • http://www.isisdsn.com Raelin

    Awesome and freakingly real!

  • http://www.dsm-design.co.uk/ DSM Design

    Great selection! Very amusing! Cheers for posting :)

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    Thanks :) some cool faces here

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    Great Works!!!

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  • http://www.graficaebrindes.com Eder

    fantastic, thanks;)

  • http://www.martgordon.com Mart Gordon

    These have a great illustrative style but the essence of a caricature is to exaggerate their features to some comic effect and too many of these just look like they are images of the person in a hall of mirrors rather than picking a feature.

    They do, for the most part, show great style but miss the mark of true caricature.

  • http://www.bml-creative.co.uk Graphic Design Leeds

    Great post – I love the second one of Hugh Laurie – there are some talented people out there!

  • Anonymous

    Freakin’ Awesome! I love the house!

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    These are awesome! Some of them are kind of scary but still great!

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    This are excellent caricatures, which i enjoyed looking through, thanks.

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    Its Amazing.. :)

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    Nice artistic touch on these and it’s funny as well. I like posts like these every once in a while

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    OMG Dwight Schrute is perfect!
    and snoop dog lol