40 Cool Website Design Ideas You Should Check

Inspiration February 23, 2011

There is more to web design that meets the eye, but honestly, would you not like it to be a little creative, too? Content and substance definitely are important, however let us not forget the importance of creative web designs in getting and retaining readership. Many people never thought that great content and great web design are possible together. Well, it is more than possible now.

The world wide web has definitely turned into a more colorful and exciting virtual world to surf, what with unique designs that just get better and better as time passes by. At present, there are a lot great designs out there that you need to check. In fact, we have collected 40 great looking designs that you should not miss. Enjoy these cool and creative web design ideas!

Sony Ericsson

sony ericsson
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Toasted Digital

toasted digital
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Html 5lab

html 5lab
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Ben the Bodyguard

ben the bodyguard
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Ryan Scherf

ryan scherf
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Pointless Corp.

pointles scorp
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Pole Cat

ipole cat
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Nike Better World

nike better world
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The Combine 2010

the combine
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Art Flavours

art flavours
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Still Pointe Llama Sanctuary

still pointe sanctuary
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Notch Studio

notch studio
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Web Effectual

web effectual
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Inservio Web Solutions

inservio web solutions
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Just Dot

just dot
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Clear Ideaz

clear ideaz
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Kunal Chhajer

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Pink Turkey

pink turkey
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Cilantro Cafe

cilantro cafe
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Uru Star

uru star
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Big Beep

big beep
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Solid Soup

solid soup
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Mens World

mens world
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Sandalias XTR

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Macaroni Bros

macaroni bros
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Ivana Setiawan

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Simple Geo

simple geo
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Marketing Profesional

marketing profesional
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Trevanh Etzel

trevanh etzel
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Cuddlebug Bugstore

cuddle bugstore
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Ready Made Designs

ready made designs
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  • http://www.krishnasolanki.co.uk/ Krishna

    Awesome list.. some really nice unique designs as well…

  • Anonymous

    These concept designs have no practicality in the real world. No one uses these sites, nor visits them. They are sexy only to the designers.

  • http://www.workoffahimmd.com Fahim MD

    I used to believe that to get great clients I’d have to design website like that but its not true. I do agree those sites are only effective to designers not clients.

  • http://www.webdesignkc.co.uk/ Rory

    There goes my morning…cracking selection

  • http://www.minttwist.com Eddie

    Thanks for these really cool design ideas. It’s good to incorporate great designs with good quality content for your clients. These designs are all fantastic and very unique. I really like the Macaroni Bros design.

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    Hi , You have Very Nice Resource Collection , I hope in future also You Will Add up Some Extra Collections.I am Really Thanks For Such a Collection.
    Thanks & Best Reagrds. http://www.websitedesigninginstitute.in
    Sanjeev Kumar

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    cool site

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    Brilliant designs!!! Very, very cool

  • http://www.indian-seo-company.com/ Andrew

    Thank you for this outstanding collection. You have added so many beautiful design samples for my work.

  • http://webeffectual.com Chris Bubny

    “These concept designs have no practicality in the real world. No one uses these sites, nor visits them. They are sexy only to the designers.”

    As a freelancer, my sites aesthetic and functional appeal need be sexy not just to me but hopefully, to design agencies and anyone else in the market for that matter. It’s a presentation of me and my design skills. I get regular inquires from design shops who’ve been to my portfolio site, liked what they saw and contacted me for regular work. Sexy to me, yes. Sexy to you? If you’re a agency or someone looking for design, I certainly hope so.

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    Unless you have a large budget for PPC, because organically, not much content to work with.

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  • http://www.razorpixels.co.uk Surrey Web Design

    Unbelievable, I’ve wasted 2 hours going through this when I’m supposed to be working on something else entirely!

  • http://solograph.info Jay

    I rather enjoyed looking at these site. I wish more site owners had sites that looked like these. There are far too many site owners who look like everyone else. i am experimenting building my site but it’s no where near as cool as some of these, although mines more of a portfolio.

  • http://www.themangomedia.com/ John David

    Wow.. The Design of all websites are really superb..

  • John

    Have a look at http://www.jeevanjose.com
    One of the simplest yet great design for a personal website

    • Anon

      actually that is an absolutely terrible site..

    • yourmom

      Terrible site

    • Dogtown

      lol – are you serious with that???

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  • w3university.co.uk

    Alot of nice designs in there. Those that simply use a background-image as their entire backdrop though, I tend not to think that much of. Like to see some work and inspiration involved.

  • john

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  • http://www.letsnurture.co.uk/ ilesh Raval

    That was a awesome collection of designs you shared just love it and thanks for the source even that can help to understand how you created the design… thanks for the valuable information