40 Typography Designs that will Tickle Your Imagination

Inspiration March 17, 2011

There is no better way to highlight your headline, or any text for that matter, than to make that particular text an artwork by itself. Aside from choosing the right font, an artist or a designer could spice it up by putting in other elements. When we say elements, it can be anything that comes into mind. Yes, anything.

Typography definitely has become a popular especially among artists, designers and enthusiasts. It is used to create striking artworks to help highlight a specific thought. It allows one word or phrase to become the focal point of the design rather than just another design element thrown in the composition. This art form is used largely in web design, poster, postcard design, and other offset printing media. It is also widely used for entertainment media such as film credits and titles, and all forms of advertisements.

We have collected several typography designs that we believe are more than worth your time. These designs range from computer generated works to set designed to the cartoon inspired. We hope you enjoy this collection!

Creatunco’s Sweet Hello


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Theo Aartsma


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Funki Porcini’s Fast Asleep


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Clemens Posch’s Type


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Islam Zayed’s Black


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Elektrotrash: A Found Art Typeface


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3D Type Experiments


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Hand Made Font


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Aiiven’s Twenty


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Markie Darkie’s Various Type Designs


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Nicolas Girard’s Typography


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Alex Beltechi’s Typography


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Sean Freeman’s Design


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DeviantArt’s Wallpaper Winner by Grafi Ray


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Stefan Chinof’s Type Treatments


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Artur Neufeld


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Eurico sa Fernandes


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Atelier Martino and Jana


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Jeffrey Osborne’s TYpe Artworks


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Serial Cuts’ Typography Works


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Evan Dismore’s Fruit


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skam4′s Balance


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Andrew Morev’s Be Green


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Innovasjon Norge


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Murderous Intent


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Here Comes the Boom


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That’s My Name by Gustafsson


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I’m not a Toy


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Thank you for looking up our collection. By next week, we will also feature free typography inspired wallpapers. Check that out as well!

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  • http://www.hitechblogger.com/ Paarth

    wow! very impressive examples of typography designs, very creative.

  • http://psd.fanextra.com Tom Ross

    Some really unique designs here! I love the Fruit typography, never seen anything like that before.

  • Eng.Mohamed Aamer

    its Vere good
    thank you

  • http://haungo.net Brandon

    I would consider most of those “Type Art”, rather than “Typography”.

    Nice collection!

  • http://www.zangaroodesigns.com Reilly Newman

    These are beautiful!

    All of them are extremely creative and a great boost of inspiration!

    I love the textures that have been used the amazing concepts that have been executive seemlessly.

    This collection not only represents the beauty of creativity, but hours upon hours of hard work and gallons of coffee!

    Thanks for sharing!
    -Reilly Newman
    Zangaroo Designs

  • http://www.souris-verte.net Impression affiches

    Thanks for the post. This is what I mean a creative mind!

  • http://biwebco.com german webdesigner

    Sorrowfully, that it’s not always possible to get the source code. But the ideas is very good!

  • Tiffany

    The Fruit One, It’s So Beautiful. Caught my attention!

  • Leah

    Yeah, the fruit project is great. It’s actually a photograph of carved fruits. It caught my eye, too. Feel free to go to the artist’s portfolio through the links or by clicking the images.

    Many thanks, y’all. :)

  • http://eimeardesign.com kendra

    Super awesome collection! They are all very unique and inspiring. I especially like the be green one, a lot of my work tends to be focused around earth and going green. Very nice. Thank you!

  • http://www.samevisions.com Hichame merhari

    A great collection , the Clemens Posch’s Type is my favorite !! thanx for sharing bro !

  • Eric

    I just discovered this guy: http://rezatari.com
    He got some really crazy 3d type pieces.

    Awesome list though, thanks!


  • http://www.razorpixels.co.uk Surrey Web Design

    These are absolutely amazing! The RED one definitely one of my favs

  • meredith

    Really liked the one with sound equipment! BuuuuTTTTTTT couldn’t quite read it. Nevertheless it is myfavorite. I also liked changing actions! Very cool!

  • http://www.aquaffect.com/ Web Design New York

    I especially love Theo Aartsma this would be such a great poster ad for a new upcoming Coney Island Amusement Park in Brooklyn NY very inspirational I might do something similar to that.

    Thanks for such collection

  • http://vova.vn Quan Hai

    Yes. I make me to see it for several minutes to understand the topic via these pics.
    I hope that my site viewers will have the same experiences. Thanks


  • http://www.beanvideo.com Brian Ortega

    I love talent. Sure wish I had some.

  • Skye

    Just extraordinary! I’m very inspired!

  • http://www.psgd.de Philipp Schilling

    I especially like Funki Porcini’s Fast Asleep. That *is* a weird combination.

  • http://www.codemyconcept.com/ CodeMyConcept

    It sure makes your mind start working on awesome design!

  • Oyphis

    Eurico Sa Fernandes apresento-te Oscar Maia (aka criminalart)