83 3D Typography Design Inspirations

Inspiration July 19, 2011

Words are powerful enough, but the art of typography brings that to a whole new level of creativity and imagination. We have scoured the web for some amazing works of 3D typography, and we’ve compiled eighty-three designs for you to enjoy. We hope these inspire you to think outside the box and come up with your own three-dimensional typographic designs. From the clean and simple to the very colorful and complex designs, we think these are all great works in their own rights. Let us know what you think, comments are always welcome!

3D Type Collection

3D Typography – Artek



Nuzzles – Wooden Typographic Puzzles

Type As Image

Type Treat

Various Type Designs

I Hate 2D Posters

3D Type

Why Not

Summer Streets NYC


3D Digital Type

MTV Bloom

Weave Type

Steampunk Typography

Let There Be Light

Morning Glory – Free Font

3D Type Experiments

Broken Type

Typography 5

3D Typography – Retro Is Cool

Cheerful Typography

Beware C:U:I

It’s Not Shrek

Typography 4

Tetris Typography

Typography Imbalance

Setare Wallpaper

Times Square Typo

Steampunk Typography


Approaches To Better 3D

Another Word To Say

Make Typo Not Love

3D Text Styles


La Dolce Vita

Happy New Year 2011

Candy Cane Typography


Yummy Colors

That’s My Name 3D


Daft Life

Nike FC Barcelona SS11

Beyond Time

Globe Typography Family

Space Paper Typography

Gent: Scheppende Stad

Hand-Made Font and Postcard Project

Typography Steel 2

It’s 3D Typography Test

3D Typography

3D Abduzeedo

3D Typography

3D The Hyspanic Gentleman

3D Laser Cut Typography

3D Type

3D Text Effect Wallpaper

Chevrolet_Verano TV Spot Boards


Coming Through


Toyo Ito architectural typography

Rejected Project 1

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  • Massimo Nastasi

    Great list, very inspiring, thanks

  • Jamshed

    very nice 3d text inspirations

  • http://colon-bracket.blogspot.com/ Hugo

    That ampersand is amazing. Kinda wanna make one myself. Inspiring stuff indeed.

  • http://sketchbot.tv Steve Talkowski


    I just completed this one the other day:


  • http://www.demortalz.com Salman Saeed

    Lol loved them :)

  • http://www.pixel-active.com Bryan Thomas

    Words can’t express how cool these are!
    Thx 4 sharing!

  • http://creativebranding.co Jack

    Absolutely incredible stuff.

  • http://digg.com/Cravigan Yesha

    awesome collection!!

  • Floryuma

    Good jobs…

  • http://www.barbaradeer.ca BSDVisions-Barbara Deer

    INCREDIBLE work here, so glad I surfed in to view – shared this!!!!

  • Dan Roberts

    Amazing…wish I could find tutorials to help learn techniques and skills of this standard.. most online tut’s are poor :/
    Thanks for the inspiration thou