83 Crazy/Beautiful Letterhead Logo Designs

Inspiration January 14, 2015

“Do people still use letterheads?”

This is a common question when someone has to send out a business letter.

Yes, written letters might not be trendy anymore since everything has turned electronic. Letterheads, however, are there not just to make your letter pretty; a letterhead can set you and your business apart from your competition. It’s the first thing we see in a letter and just like human interaction, you have to make a good first impression or else your letter will be thrown into the “NO” file.  It’s also a great way to establish your brand. When used cohesively with other products, your letterhead gives you the chance to put your business name, logo, corporate colors, and contact information as shown in most of the samples below.

The YTD team has gathered 83 eye-popping letterhead designs which do not sacrifice effective brand communication. If your letterheads are these eye-catching, there is no reason for you to stop using them. Scroll down and see these letterhead design examples. Enjoy!












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UPDATE: This post was originally published on December 2009.
New images and links have been added.
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    thanks for sharing this inspiration, love it! There are 3 or 4 corporatie identities which are really nice and brilliant.

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    This is an excellent collection, id be delighted to receive a letter from any of these companies, even if it was a final demand, it would be worth it.

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    These are some very inspirational letterhead designs, way to go thanks for sharing!

  • http://saramcallister.com SMac

    Some of these are stunning and exceptionally creative, others are pretty standard, and then quite a few are just horrid. I would recommend keeping the selection shorter next time to weed out the dross.

    It reminds me of a designers portfolio. Many students, in an effort to show as much work as possible, put items in the folio that drag even the exceptional work down. It’s distracting and will cost you a job. Don’t do it! Include only the BEST!

  • http://www.kaplang.com/blog Michelle

    these are lovely, it is important for people to remember that cheap is not always better when it comes to finding a printer for their stationary too…I have used four different printing firms now, and finally found a good one :)

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    can’t get enough of these types of articles. love the collection you’ve put together here. business cards get a lot of attention, so it’s nice to see how the designs translate onto a bigger stage with the letterheads.

  • http://www.printedbyerik.com Erik Shultz

    I have worked in the print field for a couple of years and I have always enjoyed a great business stationary print job. It is always nice to do something completely different and outside the box. Downside to these print examples: most average everyday customers can not afford to print anything too exciting. Design and overall print budget holds them back. However, customers that can afford this level of custom graphic design and printing, go for it!

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    There’s some really nice designs there. I particularly like musica (right at the top …. interesting how many times I’ve liked the first item on one of these lists the best!) …. not sure about t2t with it’s half way down the page design.

    many thanks for sharing these …

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    Brilliant collection here – plenty of inspiration and some very original ideas! Good work.

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    creativity shows from the designs.impressive work.Logo reflect the company theme.It should be attractive but simple.The uniqueness of a logo guarantees brand’s recognition.Thus, it is important for a logo to be distinctive and at the same time, should be appealing.

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    buenísima colección

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    Awesome and very creative collection of letterhead designs ! Though all are quite unique, betty’s cafe, Green Cross, Master of Disguise, Vigilant, tea are my favourites :-)

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    Some of these are really inspirational, and a great resource for work I’m doing in school at the moment. Thanks!

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    These are really awesome and creative! Perhaps I should make my own collection and post it on my website. I have some great stuff that I should share too.
    These things are just inspiring, and this just pushes every designer to do a better job!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Twitter: @TheManalyst

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    Amazing collection! Thanx for these beautiful compilation!

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    I LOVE the ‘soulpepper’ letterhead! The continuation of the red circles at the bottom is great. I think the School of Rock letterhead could go without the texture on the bottom left. It just feels a little overpowering as it stands now.

  • priv

    Must agree with the previous comments stating most of these designs are mediocre; couple great ones … a few are rather bad, imo. Had to check the date to see when this post was made; some work looks dated & old and not in an intentional ‘retro’ way.

    Always good to see what other professionals are creating and interesting to read comments. Thank you.

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