39 Examples of Minimalist Web Designs

Inspiration March 30, 2010

In today’s inspiration post, we bring you a collection of 40 Examples of Minimalist Web Designs. Minimalism describes movements in various forms of art and design wherein the work is stripped down to its most fundamental features. With this idea in mind, you will be able to create a web design that is simple yet elegant and most importantly, user-friendly. Not only that, this type of design may save you time in coming up with complicated features and artwork as well as images for your website. Notice the attention to detail in proportions, mathematically calculated typographic spacing and size, and conservation of colors. Enjoy!

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design intellection
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jamie gregory
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kyan media
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31 three
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brad young photography
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pixel haven llc
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jason mayo
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kind company
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post machina
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ben hulse
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matt bango
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corporate risk watch
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erwin bauer
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mark boulton design
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david sutoyo
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nathan carnes
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8020 studio
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kyle sollenberger
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type jockeys
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2008 dconstruct
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  • http://www.evo33.com Web Design Los Angeles

    Love these sites, very inspirational.

  • http://masonvaughn.com/ mason vaughn

    Less is More!!

  • http://www.webcreationuk.com/ Bogdan

    Great collection, thanks for sharing! Some definitely “to analyze” further web designs.

  • http://www.templatetango.com/blog Templatetango

    Thanks this is very useful.

  • http://www.lessismoredesigns.co.uk Dwayne Paisley-Marshall

    This is an awesome list, watch out for Less is more designs coming late spring!

  • http://www.northampton-design.co.uk Shane

    Wow, Really great list of sites. Love the Concentric Studio website, very clean looking and inspiring.


  • http://www.webdesign-gm.co.uk Oliver Cardiff

    Great post and great examples of how websites can still look good with a simple but effective design. I like these websites because they aren’t cluttered and confusing to look at. Thanks.

  • http://www.digitalovercast.com Kien

    Nice list. I would also recommend Google’s Nexus One website. It takes, well, a minimalist approach and a great example.

  • zenracer

    Clean is good! I’m tired of mind bombarding eye over-saturation websites. Flashing this blinking that is sooo boring these day. Websites are for one reason, provide information not give the viewer a headache…

  • http://www.kliky.com Kliky

    Nice list. I was expecting an even more stripped down design focus, so this is pretty refreshing to see. Thanks for posting it.

  • http://www.gunnarandreassen.com Gunnar Andreassen

    Holy f**k! Awesome picks!

  • http://www.enomsoft.com Angel

    I love this Post …… this post is giving so many web design slide i acually found this design

  • http://sprawsm.com/ Dragan Babi?

    Thanks for mentioning Superawesome in your post. Although we have redesigned the site only a day after this post is published. :)

    The old design can be found at http://v1.sprawsm.com/, and the new one—that fits the topic of this post even better than the old one—is at the original address http://sprawsm.com/.


  • http://www.pixmac.com/ Cathy Mason

    Nice selection! Very clean and concise!

  • http://www.zerozaku.com Gio Borje

    Nice set of themes for inspiration to use for my blog project. One of the more notable characteristics of these minimalist designs is the potential of typography to shine. And yes, like Vaughin said, “Less is more.” :)

  • Sebastian Locke

    Check out http://electrovelocity.com/ as well, really nice clean design that draws your attention to the subject matter and then keeps it there.

  • http://www.gd4d.com GD4D

    This is a fantastic collection of minimalist designs. Thanks for sharing!

  • clea walford

    Great selection – Very clean and inspiring – Thanks!

  • http://apt2labs.com Daniel “Diggler” Proczko

    Something about typographic sites really turns me on! Maybe because there’s nothing else on a page, but text, and the page still looks immaculate. Amazing what the right fonts can do!

    1. CRW
    2. bauer
    3. pixelhaven

  • http://chrisdigital.chriscarvey.com ChrisDigitalcom

    Great collection, I very much subscribe to this style of design and getting out of the users way. Nice list.

  • http://www.facebookcafe.net/ Giorgio Marandola

    Wowwww this is what I call Inspiration!! The gallery is amazing, I will represent it in my mond while building my personal website !

    Great stuff! :-)

  • http://www.ursusmedia.co.uk Lucy Ursus

    Some great examples you’ve got there. I’m really loving this style of design right now (which probably explains why my own site is minimalist)

  • http://www.blueprintgroupe.com Blueprint Marketing

    Thanks for featuring our site http://www.bradyoungphotography.com. I’ve recently been working alot with wordpress and I’m thinking about turning that design into a free wordpress template. Also his blog will be up soon as well.

  • http://www.pinklotusmedia.com Pink Lotus Media

    I really like the use of typography in these minimalist sites. I’m so tired of flash! Great examples!