Surreal Saturday – Scary Digital Illustrations of Anton Semenov

Inspiration March 16, 2013

We have seen a lot of awesome digital illustrations before that captivate our minds and bring us to the world of dreams and nightmares. And on today’s Surreal Saturday, we will add another talented artist to that list with his frightening illustrations that best illustrates our fears and nightmares in an awesome way.


Surreal Saturday - Scary Digital Illustrations of Anton Semenov


Meet Anton Semenov also known as “Gloom82“, a digital artist from Russia whose works feature unique interpretations of the subconscious world. He creates unusual characters and scenes  with extreme attention to details. Lets take a look at some of them below:


"Home" by Anton Semenov



"BRAZ mechanics destroying" by Anton Semenov

“BRAZ mechanics destroying”


"Auschwitz" by Anton Semenov



"Doggy" by Anton Semenov



"ZIMMER" by Anton Semenov



"Apocalypse" by Anton Semenov



"Noon" by Anton Semenov



"Lullaby" by Anton Semenov



"MadDog" by Anton Semenov



"Hit! Hit! Hit!" by Anton Semenov

“Hit! Hit! Hit!”


"Black dream" by Anton Semenov

“Black dream”


"SOCIETY" by Anton Semenov



Check out Anton Semenov’s DeviantArt gallery or Behance portfolio for more of his awesome works.


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