Top 15 DVD Cover Art Designs of 2008

Inspiration August 19, 2008

2008 has been an amazing year for movies with great hits such as Iron Man, The Dark Knight and The Pineapple Express. All of the movies we love are given a face by the graphic designers and art directors who work hard on the DVD cover art, posters, print ads and so on. Today we showcased DVD cover art from 30 of the top movies of 2008. Larger versions of the DVD cover art below can be found at

DVD Cover Art Designs of 2008

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  • printers capalaba

    Cover/Poster art I always love. Specially when you get to go to the movies and see those posters blown up and life size on carboard, I love that. Wall-e & KungFu Panda would be my pic, mind you I am a little bias to animated flicks, brought ‘the art of’ for both those movies. Another fine post!

  • NaldzGraphics

    Wow.this are looking nice dvd covers.the dark knight is still the best.thanks for sharing.

  • Adaptiv Media

    I’ve got to say. I love movie covers/posters too. They’re something I look up to.

  • Anish Trehan

    They are quite nice.. they are original or custom? .. made by designers out here??

  • Cory Gibbons

    27 dresses is my personal favourite of the ones mentioned. good selection.

  • Connor Lambeth

    I like the 27 dresses one too – would probably have worked a bit harder on the typography aspect myself and not too keen on the back cover but the idea is definitly one of the most innovative out of this selection.