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Inspiration February 13, 2013

The strategy board game of chess has been a part of human history for the past millennium and has evolved from its humble Persian origins to become one of the most played strategy board games in the world. Now considered as a sport, there are now a lot of people from all four corners of the globe who have specialized in it. In fact, this sport has a similar rating system for those who practice it as with other disciplines like taekwondo and other forms of martial arts.

But of course, being an expert in chess requires experience and deep understanding of the components that make the game. And part of this involves knowing all the chess pieces and memorizing their moves, which is quite easy to accomplish as there is a standard in terms of the design of chess sets.

However, what if the usual design of king, queen, rooks, bishops, knights and pawns suddenly become a little bit creative? Well, you need not worry anymore because we’ve scoured the Internet for the coolest and most unique pieces to spice up a game of chess.

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  • Fezile Wilfred Nkonka

    yes, yes, yes and oh yes… I will have them all thank you. wow these are amazing

  • ‘Paula Stewart

    The keys are so different from any chess pieces I’ve ever seen before. I have to chose them.

    • Sila Mahmud

      I appreciate to you.

  • Mohamed abd elwahab

    It’s Amazing

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    important for me.